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Wedding Films Italy

Wedding Films Italy: News and trends

The emotions of your marriage are so many and strong that you would like them to never end. It’s one of those few moments in life where you’d like to stop the  time, to feel again and again the boom of emotions that overwhelms you. This is why it is very important to choose the right wedding videographer, that will succeed in capturing every moment without invading, telling a true story, not a built one. That’s why you need a true storytelling lover: Emanuele Mura Florence Wedding Film, a true researcher of emotions and gestures that will express yourself completely in your wedding film.

Packages and video types

Unlike others, he does not have any pre-set clichés in how your photo or video album should be done. Emanuele Mura Wedding Films Italy will present you the latest news and the most sought after trends (for example, various wedding box), without conditioning your choice and always available to any original and unique requests. Only you choose what kind of package you want and how you want them to be made; then free guide to “strangeness” and crazy things!

Free your imagination

Free yourself from common patterns and ways of doing things. Do not mind the rules and choose to do as you want every detail of your wedding day. In place of the traditional package you want one in plexiglass? Well, the important thing that you know why you want it, for a fashion concept or for its comfort, style and simplicity in handling and maintenance. If you want an unconventional wedding video, choose Emanuele Mura Florence Wedding Films. Just take few minutes to watch some of his masterpieces: https://vimeo.com/emanuelemurawedding and you will understand that he is that right specialist you are looking for!


Our life is directly connected to the digital world, whether we want it or not. Over time we have changed the way we do things and interact in society, digitizing anything: electronic payments, the way we go in vacation or look for a job, anything, even organizing and conducting a wedding. Thanks to the digital world our horizons of knowledge are endless: for example, at this moment you come to know about the art of photography and videography by Emanuele Mura Florence Wedding Films.

Wedding Films Italy and social life

The social life pressure make us to show only the best of our life. The competition is endless, so you have to be really good at attracting comments and likes on Instagram and Facebook.  Once the ring is received, the pressure and stress to make everything in a perfect way is very persistent. The solution is simple: you just have to fully enjoy your party, and Emanuele Mura Florence Wedding Films will think to the perfection of your wedding photos and videos. He possesses the art of knowing seize the moment, shooting your photos one by one, working them carefully and creating the best of your true image.

Competition vs perfection

The competition is too big while talking about a perfect Wedding Day. But in life we are not in competition with Instagram or Facebook, but only with ourselves instead. It is not about copying someone, but about bringing out our originality and uniqueness. These are just some important elements that Emanuele Mura Wedding Films Italy works with: looking for the true essence beyond the spotlight of social media. We are not talking about a brand that tomorrow will be no more fashionable; we intend that epic photography and videography that takes us far away and is always alive. We intend Emanuele Mura Florence Wedding Films, the unique style class that never changes despite of fashion changes.


Italy is the most attractive country for the wedding destination with the most “hot” area in Florence or Tuscany. It’s a very important decision and if you are a little bit undecided, it is easy to be manipulated: often our choices are influenced by social media such as Instagram or Facebook. On the one hand, social networks are useful and can help by giving a lot of information, but on the other side we risk being too much when following some idols and stars.

Trying to resemble or comply with certain standards, we move away from our originality. This is why we need the expert eye which will know how to see our true personality as in a mirror: Emanuele Mura Florence Wedding Films. Your love is not like someone else’s, and only a Master may really see your love as it is.

Choosing Wedding Films Italy

Our life is so overwhelmed by social media, that many of us prefer to “stay social” even on the most important day of our life. Everything is understandable: joy and happiness must be shared. Only You decide if you want or not to share your story on Instagram or Facebook. The shared story lasts 24 hours; that story created and worked by Emanuele Mura Florence Wedding Films will be the one that will last forever instead.  Talented, experienced and full of acquired performances, Emanuele Mura Wedding Films Italy is your safest choice: he is definitely the right personality who is able  see You as the protagonist of yourself, without any kind of comparisons.

Wedding Trailer and Film

The wedding trailer is the trend always at the top among the shares on social networks because it allows you to experience the emotions of an event in a very short time. Just think about the hashtag on Instagram of your wedding film or wedding trailer made by Emanuele Mura Florence Wedding Films. Your wedding trailer  will be unique and original like you are: just get ready for the flood of comments and likes, just get ready to inspire people around whole the world. Come and have a look on the sites https://vimeo.com/emanuelemurawedding and http://emanuelemuraweddingfilms.com/ and you will convince yourself on the veracity of hundreds of happy faces. Come and be part of our big family called Emanuele Mura Wedding Films Italy!

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