Wedding Videographer in Italy: Emanuele Mura is Here

Wedding Videographer Italy: Emanuele Mura is Here! 

5 Top Factors to Consider While Hiring a Wedding Videographer

The quality of your wedding films can vary a lot, depending on the quality of the professional that you hire. Know about the top 5 factors that you need to consider when you hire a wedding videographer Italy.

Number of cameras

The number of cameras used will make a major difference to the kind of film you would get. Using one camera can reduce how much footage will be included in the final cut of the film. With multiple cameras, more wedding video Tuscany footage can be captured.


Find out whether you are at your liberty to choose the kind of music that you like. The music that you like needs to direct the feel and pace of your film. Thus, ensure that your film is influenced by your choices. In case you are not so sure, get suggestions about the same. Check the music used by the wedding videographer Italy on his DVDs. A few of these will not offer you the flexibility that you need, but this will be reflected by the price that is charged by them. If you will be paying just a few hundred dollars, you cannot really expect miracles.

Time of delivery

Find out how quickly you will get your wedding video Tuscany after your wedding event is over. The time of delivery may vary between 4 and 12 weeks. Your chosen videographer, during this time, needs to take a lot of care over how much he attends to all the details – whether it comes to sound mixing, color correction or choosing the best shots.


Make sure whether the wedding videographer Italy will edit his own wedding videos. Editing has to be just as essential as filming. Find out who will be in charge of editing the film. Where videography is concerned, you can actually get services according to the amount that you pay. A few videographers are nothing more than just videographers. They tend to film all day and then give their footages to some editor who will make a wedding film for you according to a template. Others are as skilled in editing as using a camera, and that tends to make a major difference to the final results.

Special needs

It could be that some of your guests will not like to be filmed. You should clearly convey this to your videographer, as well as whether you can give photos and wedding video Tuscany in advance. Also convey who exactly needs to be in the film, so that important members are not left out.

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